The House of Prayer emerged from a vision from God whom He placed in

Laura J. Ewing received following her own battles with addiction.  The House opened in February 2002.  Laura has been its creator, single executive director, and a powerful voice for women in recovery.  HOP seeks to serve adult women physically free from drugs and alcohol, but who still need time apart from the full stresses of daily living to re-frame an existence once controlled by addiction.  The House of Prayer provides one of the final steps to full independence for these women.  Our focus is on empowerment, the teaching of living skills, and on launching women who are more fully prepared to live productive, independent lives without returning to the world of drugs.  Laura Ewing’s own testimony and story is attached at the end of this brief history.

Welcome to The Women's House of Prayer

The Mission of the House of Prayer is to be a stepping stone for women released from treatment centers, jails, prisons, or shelters to live healthy, productive and safe lives.
The Purpose of the House of Prayer is to provide transitional housing and support for adult women of all ages in a safe, family-like setting, so they may become contributing members of society.

Laura J. Ewing-Lofton, Executive Director

842 Alpine Ave., NW Grand Rapids, MI. 49504

PH: 616.719-3493 fax: 719-3493 E-mail: WHOP2@comcast.net

Website: womenshomeofprayer.org

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